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Which dog food is available in stores?

#:Which dog food is available in stores?

Basically, three forms of dog feeding can be distinguished. Dog owners should think about how to feed them later before buying a quadruped. Most dog owners get puppy food from the breeder home. It is recommended to feed this food over the first weeks and days. A food change would be too difficult for small and sensitive organisms in the beginning. Especially as many puppies in the new home are prone to diarrhea and indigestion, at least in the bowl should remain the familiar food. Later, switching to junior feed is not a problem.

Dried Animal Food

A cheap and easy way to feed the dog in an appropriate way offers dry food. The manufacturers have removed moisture from the ingredients during preparation and pressed them in compressed form to the croquettes. Masters and mistresses should keep in mind that this lack of moisture must be compensated with the right amount of water.

In addition to a stuffed bowl, dry food is definitely fresh water for your four-legged friends. Change the water several times a day. Otherwise, the unpleasant suspended matter may settle.

Advantages :

  • Clean, easy feeding
  • Gentle preparation
  • Croquettes for the active abrasion of plaque
  • Dry food bag sealed airtight
  • For puppies, young and adult dogs and seniors

Disadvantage :

  • Can cause indigestion in sensitive dogs
  • Swells in the stomach
  • Hasty eaters can swallow the croquettes

Wet food or wet food. 

As the name suggests, wet food has higher water content. It is meat chunks or fish in sauce or jelly. Also, pies come as dog food and wet food in the trade. Many dogs respond better to wet food than to dry food. In terms of tartar abrasion, dog owners should pay attention to a variance of dry and wet food.

Just feeding with wet food increases the risk of unpleasant halitosis and tartar, as the plaque is only insufficiently abraded. As an alternative to dry food, you can offer your four-legged dog chews. Whether dog food without grain, puppy food, pet food or good dog food for older dogs: The dry food should provide meat and do without artificial additives.

Advantages and disadvantages of wet food:

Advantages :

  • High moisture content
  • Like a pie, in gels or as a meaty chunk
  • In airtight pouch
  • Gentle preparation and high nutritional content

Disadvantage :

  • Little tooth wear due to soft texture
  • Opened dog food can only be stored in the fridge for one to two days
  • Large price range between manufacturers


It is a biologically species-appropriate feeding


is on everyone’s lips, but not for beginners. In principle, behind it lies the fresh food, which comes closest to the ideas of the original diet of the wolves. The main focus is on high-quality meat, which already provides the dog with the most important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. In order to implement a balanced consistency and a harmonious diet at BARDEN, pet owners must bring with them experience, knowledge, know-how and time.

After all, it’s all about preparing each dish for the four-legged friend. A time-saving and effective method is to prepare several portions and freeze. So you do not have to do anything more than to take the bag of fresh food from the freezer, thaw, and feed. In the trade, there is very high-quality premium fresh food that comes close to the BARF quality. Barefoot in the dog is species-appropriate, but associated with a lot of effort

Advantages and disadvantages of BARDEN:

Advantages :

  • High meat content: muscle meat
  • Full control of the ingredients
  • Individually tailored to the needs of the dogs
  • Varied, natural and gentle

Disadvantage :

  • Very expensive to manufacture
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Feeding mistakes can have serious consequences for your health

Feeding amount: How much can my dog ​​eat a day?

Many dog ​​owners mean it too well with their four-legged friends. If he looks at her begging, they whip up a treat or fill the dog bowl once a day. Yet, this well-intentioned behavior is destructive to health and weight.

A healthy dog ​​keeps its ideal weight and can live happily ever after. Overweight dogs carry a significant health risk. Before you start feeding, you should definitely take a look at the feeding recommendations of the dog food manufacturers. No matter where you buy your dog food, this is the most important indicator of the feeding amount.

A second aspect is a burden and the activity as well as the age of the dog. Thus, isolated breeds are not well advised with a blanket feeding recommendation. It makes a difference whether you have an older dog at home, who primarily seeks his place in the dog basket and is faithful to the Gassirunden with you or whether you go regularly with your four-legged friends on the dog court and bike ride. Over time, you will develop a feeling for the amount of food and you can customize it individually.



Puppies, puppies, pregnant bitches and lactating bitches have a considerably higher demand for dog food. You should put this up.
Dog food purchase: what to consider?

If you buy the best dog food dry, wet food or fresh food, you should pay attention to the appropriate age. So there is a special lining for:

  • Puppies
  • Young dogs
  • Breeding dogs
  • Adult dogs
  • Senior citizens
  • Allergic dogs

The feed industry offers the right dog food online for every need. In this way you can from the current dog food comparison definitely find the variety that suits your four-legged friend. High-quality premium food sets on transparency in the declaration of the ingredients and uses a particularly high meat content as the most important ingredient.

What is included in good dog food?

Not much helps! Although meat is one of the basic ingredients for dog food, the protein supplier should not overpower the dog food. The consequences of oversupply can be devastating to health and the organism. The main focus is therefore on the plant constituents, which are to be reconciled with the meat.

  1. Fresh Meat: The guarantor of quality proteins is 50 to 70 percent fresh meat. Ideally, it is lean muscle meat. It contains not only proteins but also vitamins, minerals, and valuable fatty acids.
  2. Fruits and vegetables: If your dog ruffles his nose with a cucumber, he needs fruit and vegetables for a proper diet. It contains vital vitamins and minerals. A meaningful concentration comes to 20 percent.
  3. Offal: The concentration of offal should not be too high and should be 10 percent. The bovine is particularly high quality because it provides plenty of protein. In contrast, it contains very little fat. Innards contain biotin, vitamin A, vitamin D, and iron.
  4. Oils: High-quality oils such as rapeseed oil, walnut oil, linseed oil or pumpkin seed oil have a health-promoting effect. They strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent common skin problems. So some oils make for a shiny and healthy coat.

Why does dog food soak?

Especially when dogs eat very hastily, you should definitely get dry dog food. Otherwise, the animals can swallow the hard croquettes. This leads to unnecessary risks that can be prevented by soaking in water or by special dog food in the bowl. You recognize these bowls by the protuberances inside them. So the dog has to pick out the individual pieces with his tongue and can no longer loop so hastily.

Dog Food: How long is it?

Anyone who wonders how long he can leave the dog food, it’s about durability and longevity. Basically, the tightly closed dog food bags and the closed cans are durable over a period of time.

The lifetime expires day by day as soon as you open the packaging. In any case, store the dog food in an airtight container and consume it in the foreseeable future.

Especially with fresh food, dog food should not be fed after two days. In addition, it should get a place in the refrigerator and be protected from bacteria best protected.

Is there a dog food test at Stiftung Warentest?

The last dog food test of Stiftung Warentest goes back to the year 2019. The experts have looked at wet food and found that about every other dog food falls through. Dog owners complain about health complaints and intolerances due to inadequate supply of essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus. To speak of a rarity here is simply wrong. Because many dog ​​food varieties lack important nutrients.

At one point, copper and linoleic acid are missing. For another variety of calcium or vitamin B1. As a result, nine of the 26 wet complete feeds received a poor rating. By comparison, six types of feed have been rated “very good”. They provide the four-legged friends with everything they need. The range extends from discount food through the branded products of well-known manufacturers. Positive were different weight classes and matching the right amounts of feed on.

The Stiftung Warentest points again clear that the dog is indeed related to the wolf, but after 15,000 years of domestication has developed its own digestive apparatus. The animals are able to digest more effectively and often have no problems with cereals at certain dosages. Nevertheless, the experts warn that dog nutrition is too humane and that, for example, the animals are supplied with too much food. The result in Germany is many overweight dogs, who get too many delicacies and dog snacks in addition to the dog food.

Experts answer: What must be included in the complete feed?

And came to the following result:

Amino acids: For the heart and muscles of the animals, the amino acids are extremely important. The two elemental components include methionine and cysteine. These are especially included in muscle meat and animal organs.

Trace elements: Selenium, iron, zinc, copper or manganese are just as important as iodine for the trace elements. They are very important for the teeth, the vessels, and the hair as well as for the blood formation.

Quantity elements: The group of minerals should be sufficiently present in the dog food. After all, dogs have a three times greater need than humans.

Vitamins: An extremely important vitamin in dog nutrition is vitamin B1. The feed manufacturer must dose this higher, as it is destroyed in the wet food by the strong heat.
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