Choose Indoor Or Outdoor Dog Tent Bed

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A practical matter whether indoor or outdoor


  • Many dog owners will probably wonder wondering why they need such a dog tent. You probably too.
    But such a tent can be quite a practical companion, whether you are traveling longer or, for example, just planning a short camping trip over the weekend. Even in the hotel room, such a dog tent can perform very well and be a basket replacement.

Why do I need a dog tent?.

  • Basically, one differentiates between two types of dog tents, namely those that are suitable for indoor use (ie indoors) and those that can not be damaged by wind and weather, ie are suitable for outdoor use.

Reasons for an indoor dog tent:

 Your dog should have a cuddly sleeping place
 Your dog needs a retreat
 You are looking for an alternative to the dog basket
 Such an indoor dog tent makes a lot of visuals
 You visit exhibitions with your dog and would like to have an alternative to the cage


The outdoor dog tent


  • Even with the outdoor dog tents, there are differences: there are real small tents with lockable door or those that are more suitable for a nice day on the beach.

What should you look for when buying an outdoor dog tent?

There are two very important things to look out for when buying, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor dog tent:

 The longevity and robustness of the tent you have chosen.
 How does the fabric feel?
 Is it stable and, for example, withstand a gust of wind, or do you feel like it could break quickly?
 Are the seams processed properly or are there threads everywhere or are there holes in the end as well?
 Are they waterproof? Especially outdoor dog tents are exposed to wind and weather and nothing is more annoying than when it rains into the tent.
 The zipper should be processed concealed, otherwise there is a risk that it will rain into the tent.
 What about the linkage? Is it stable and can it handle more savage attacks without breaking it?
 The bottom of the tent should be waterproof and made in one piece.
 What about the ventilation? Are net inserts attached to the dog tent and can these also be closed?
 Another very important detail is of course the size of the tent. For example, a Yorkshire Terrier has other requirements than a Golden Retriever.
 The outdoor dog tent should be water and dirt repellent and easy to clean. In addition, it should be folded up to save space.

If you only want to use the tent on the beach, then there is also a so-called beach shell. This is a kind of semi-open tent that can provide shade for the dog (or dogs) on the beach. Again, you should pay attention to the quality again.

 How is the workmanship and how does the fabric from which the tent is made feel?
 If you have several dogs: Is there enough space for all dogs?
 Is the floor tear-proof?
 Is it easy to get rid of the sand again?

You should also make sure that the fabric of the dog beach mussel does not start to flutter when a little wind is blowing. Some dogs do not like it and will refuse to lie down in the beach shell. In addition, the air should be able to circulate sufficiently.

Of course, both beach shells and tent should be easy to dismantle and dismantle and can be stowed in the car as possible to save space.

If you want to take your dog tent on a trekking holiday, you should also pay attention to a low weight.

For some time, so-called pop-up dog tents for the trunk on the market, for example, by the company Tentie. These tents are designed to protect the interior of your car from dog hair and dirt.

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Indoor Dog Tents

  • At a dog tent, which is to be used mainly inside, of course, you have very different requirements than one, which should withstand wind and weather.
  • In the foreground is, of course, primarily the optics. Indoor dog tents are available in different colors and shapes, whether monochrome, in the trendy camouflage look or striped.
  • But of course there are some points that should be considered. As already mentioned, quality and workmanship play a big role. After all, you also want to use your indoor dog tent for a longer period of time.
  • For some indoor tents, the “interior” is included, for others, the accessories must be purchased separately. If you have a puppy or a very playful dog, the tent should also withstand the various attacks. Do you also have a cat in the household, the material should be scratch-resistant, because a cat always likes to occupy the sleeping place of a dog.
  • Because your dog should spend some time in his tent, the door should be closed with a zipper. The air circulation must be ensured. If you want to use the dog tent at exhibitions, then it should survive the constant assembly and disassembly unscathed.

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Reasons For An Outdoor Dog Tent:

 Your dog should not sleep in the tent
 Your dog may sleep in the tent but should not spread on the sleeping bags
 There are not enough shady spots in your garden
 You like to take your dog on holiday and he needs a place where he can sleep at night

As you can see, there are many reasons for buying such a tent. It is important that you find the right dog tent for your and your dog’s needs. Should the dog tent be used mainly outside, for example when camping or at the beach?

Is it more used in the home living room or at exhibitions? You can choose to give your pet a luxury dog beds.
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