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Can I Keep A Pet In The Big City?

#Can I Keep A Pet In The Big City?

  • Whether dog or clownfish: If you want an animal, you should ask yourself some important questions. Even more so if you live in the city
  • But if you are sure that you want a pet, you do not have to hesitate. The only question is: what kind of animal? Anyone living in a big city has a plethora of choices, from the goldfish in the aquarium to the dog. Especially in the latter case you often hear that a big city is not suitable for dogs. The decisive factor is less the question of the right place than the time! You have to be aware that you are dealing with a living being that should not be neglected.12 Best Small Dog Breeds for Families with Children

. Besides, you need to buy the necessary items such as dog stroller, dog bed, dog tent, dog food, dog bunk beds, dog harness, . . .

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