How To Pick The Best Dog Food

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The development of croquettes sold on the market is not the same. Indeed, they each have their specificities depending on the ingredients used. Because of this, you should make sure you acquire the product that really fits your dog’s needs.

How to pick the best dog food

The needs of dogs

If you want to have some advice before ordering kibbles for your dog, you will first have to consider his needs. It is therefore essential to carefully examine the ingredients used in the article you intend to take. Indeed, these components will have direct impacts on the health of the animal.

In this buying guide for the best dog food, we recommend learning to read the integrated labels in order to know the best products. It is above all a question of understanding the analytical composition which was adopted during the preparation. In general, the ingredients chosen during the production are presented with a clear list. That said, the first food with a high percentage is at the top of the list, and so on.

Ingredients for keeping the croquettes are also used. However, you will have to be wary of chemical elements that could be dangerous for your dog. It is better to opt for natural preservatives such as tocopherols or even ascorbic acid.

How the product is cooked also plays an important role when choosing it. That said, it is recommended to prioritize those which are cold-pressed or cooked at low temperatures. If these two techniques are encouraged, it is because they effectively maintain proteins as well as nutrients.

The quality of the main components

You will also need to emphasize the quality of the kibble components you are about to order before going to a price comparison site. For this, it is essential that you pay attention to the type of meat and the animal from which it was made.

That said, check that the ingredients are clearly specified and mentioned. It is better to favor good quality proteins that are made from fresh products. Then, don’t overlook the percentages of carbohydrates and grains in the kibble either. Indeed, a large amount of sugar could cause digestive fatigue and impact the pancreas. Depending on the breed and age of your dog, the intake of fruits and vegetables is not mandatory. The selection of kibbles should, therefore, be done according to the case of each dog.

The composition and quantity of the croquettes

It is completely normal to ignore how to buy a dog kibble with a better value for money. In order to enlighten you on this subject, you must understand the contributions of the kibble that you covet.

To start, you will have to turn to proteins whose recommended intake is 53% by ratio. Be aware that the percentage of this component is higher in kibbles devoid of cereals. Besides, vegetable proteins are not really interesting in terms of nutrition.

You should also take into account the carbohydrate intake which should be in very small quantities. In reality, there are not really any regulations regarding the amount of sugar that should be used in kibble. However, a maximum amount of 6% is recommended for dry matter. If overindulged, problems like diabetes or being overweight can ensue.

Age of dogs

Age of dogs

If you have already tried to compare several items, but you still cannot decide, know that the choice of kibble also depends on the age of your dog. Besides, there are 3 very different ages for the products that you can find on the market.

First of all, there are puppy kibbles that are designed to guarantee balanced growth. To do this, they mainly target cartilage, bones or muscles. This is not all since they help prevent dysmorphia.

Then you have adult kibble that helps dogs maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, they meet the caloric needs for more tone. Finally, there are the croquettes for seniors which are appreciated for the additional contributions of minerals and vitamins. This last category strengthens the quality of the coat and prevents joint disorders. In addition, it is designed to anticipate weight gain and improve the proper functioning of the metabolism.

The presence of cereals

The quality of the kibble is not defined by the presence or not of cereals inside. On the other hand, many experts recommend power supplies devoid of this component for several reasons. For starters, cereals do not integrate the basic diet of dogs, which is the case for proteins. Then, the kibbles with cereals also contain mycotoxins which are not really recommended to guarantee good nutrition.

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How to use dog food?

Kibbles is a balanced diet for dogs, which is why the majority of owners choose to give them to their animals. However, there are strict rules to follow regarding this type of food so that it brings the expected benefits to your pet.

Respect the rules of daily rations

You cannot give your dog the amount of kibble you want. That said, ask your veterinarian first before giving it to your pet. Then insist on the rations you should give him daily. It is true that each product has instructions regarding the quantity suitable for dogs. However, the advice of the professional who takes personal care of your pet is also important. Also, always make fresh water available to your dog. In addition, if you feed your pet a new diet, do so gradually.

Find out if the kibble is right for your dog

After purchasing the kibbles, check their quality to be sure that they are really suitable for your animal. To do this, observe his behavior to verify that he appreciates these foods. After that, make sure that the dog successfully digests the kibble. At this time, he should have one to two bowel movements daily.

Also pay attention to its weight, because a good diet should promote muscle development and stabilize the weight. Finally, the quality of the coat also testifies to the quality of the croquettes you have chosen.

Serve dogs properly

When it comes to dog food, most owners focus primarily on quantity. On the other hand, if you want to prevent your 4-legged friend from being overweight, respect the recommended dose.

To make sure your pet eats properly, feed him 3 to 4 times a day if he is less than 6 months old. On the other hand, if he is more than 7 months old, then plan two meals daily.

In order to prevent digestive disorders, also consider varying the kibbles you buy. Adopt this habit from the very young age of your puppy so that it does not catch diarrhea or sulk simply at the time of the meal.

Mix the croquettes and reheat if necessary

Your pet may not like to eat only the kibble you have purchased. In this case, consider adding other ingredients such as water, meat sauce, or vegetables.

Dogs that are in old age often lose their sense of smell. In order to give flavor to its croquettes, reheat them in the microwave for about 15 seconds to bring out all the aroma.

Monitor your pet during the meal

If you notice abnormal behavior in your dog when eating, then react so that he regains his appetite. Your pet may have trouble chewing properly and dropping kibble on the sides of its muzzle. In some cases, it may happen that he drools a lot. All of this could be related to his teeth. Either way, make an appointment with a veterinarian to fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many grams of kibble does a dog need?

The portion of kibble necessary to feed a dog depends on its size, its age as well as its activities. You will generally find on the back of the packages explanatory tables which contain indications concerning the quantity useful to satiate your animal. It will, therefore, suffice to refer to it if you are wondering how much kibble for my dog. However, it is recommended to give slightly less than the prescribed dose, as some manufacturers tend to overdose slightly in order to empty the bag more quickly.

Q2: What to choose, dog food or dog food?

Both of these types of food are as popular with dog owners. However, there are several points that help to decide between them. First of all, the pâtés contain fewer carbohydrates and therefore fewer proteins that cover nutritional needs. Regarding the water supply, the pâtés contain more, unlike the kibbles which should be accompanied by water to preserve the kidneys of dogs. In addition, the kibbles are more interesting in terms of oral health since they scrape the fangs to prevent the formation of cavities.

Q 3: Which one to prefer: a kibble or a dog box?

The dry food that consists of kibble provides all the essential nutrients to keep your pet in top shape. They are particularly digestible and easy to dose. In addition, they have the capacity to limit tartar. As for canned foods, they are easier to swallow and more appetizing, given the variety of tastes. In addition, they are particularly humid to ensure the hydration of the dog. If you have trouble choosing, it is possible to alternate them.

Q4: Croquette with or without cereals, which one to favor?

In reality, grains are not really bad for dogs. However, it is necessary to check that they are not present in a significant amount in the kibble. It will suffice for this to check the list of ingredients, if you see that the meat is in the lead then you can buy the product, otherwise go your way.

Q5: How do I feed my dog ​​without kibble?

At first, you can prepare homemade meals for him based on meat, rice or dough as well as various vegetables. However, it will be necessary to find a balance between useful nutrients such as proteins or fats. Also be careful to stick to the daily ration, as many dog ​​owners tend to be very generous. Otherwise, you could choose industrial food that is not necessarily bad, contrary to popular belief. If you opt for this solution, then favor good quality products and make sure that it is not necessary to combine them with other foods.

From time to time, you may also consider giving your pet a chew bone. This initiative has many advantages, particularly in terms of oral hygiene, breath or even calcium intake

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