How to Put Weight on a Dog Safely

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How to put weight on a dog safely. There are many reasons why your pet cannot be fully developed physically. One of the main reasons that directly affects the health and weight of pet dogs is that the diet is not appropriate and does not bring the necessary nutrients to them.

You need to look at what dog food is suitable to fix the problem quickly and effectively. You should not be too worried because, in today’s article, we will share with you an overview and guide to overcoming the situation of your pet dog being underweight. First, you need to find out why your dog is not gaining weight. From these causes, we will have a guide to help your dog gain weight.

How to put weight on a dog safely

The reason why dogs are not fat

You need to assess their health in general by monitoring their weight regularly. There are many reasons why dogs may not gain weight, such as:

Cause of the disease:

some dogs eat forever but cannot gain weight, maybe they have some disease. Do you need to monitor dogs for any abnormalities? Possible worm effects, you should periodically deworm your dog to ensure your dog’s health. The symptoms are often anorexia, constant thirst, no vitality, diarrhea, and vomiting. In these cases, you should bring the dog to the nearest vet immediately for treatment.

The reason is that the diet is not reasonable:

some of you do not know how to care for yourself as well as the addition of necessary nutrients to help dogs gain weight steadily and reasonably. If you do not know what kind of food to choose from you can refer to the best dog food products for weight gain here.

To overcome the above reasons, you need to adjust your diet as well as daily meals so that they are more reasonable and scientific. However, you should not be overly inclined to help your dog gain weight, sometimes you put them in dangerous situations. So in today’s article, we want to share with you how to safely gain weight for dogs.

How to put weight on a Dog Safely 1
How to Put Weight on a Dog Safely

How to gain weight safely for dogs?

You can help your dog gain a bit of weight, but that doesn’t mean you’ll start stuffing them all the time. This is very dangerous because your dog will lead to a few bad cases and adversely affect health.

For dogs that are extremely thin and thin for a long time, in these cases, you must have a diet from the vet combined with the foods to support them. So they can safely gain weight and grow healthy.

At a basic level, for your dog to gain weight you just need to adjust their calories and their daily meals. If your dog consumes more calories without burning extra calories it will gain weight.

Choose foods that are high in calories and protein:

When choosing to buy dog ​​foods you need to pay attention to dog fat and protein supply and choose such high-fat foods to add fat to your dog fast and effective but equally safe. You can find out more dog weight gain foods at the website: NUTRA THRIVE

Increase the frequency you feed Fido:

you can break up the meal several times a day as your dog will be able to easily absorb more food.

Stimulate their appetite or sadness:

underweight dogs often lose their appetite or eat less. You can completely change that by stimulating their appetite by letting them face delicious food naturally. When bored or sad they will naturally come to food and eat.

Provide high-calorie foods or supplements:

Although most of the calories added to your dog should be in balanced, nutritious food, you can supplement your diet with several dishes. Rich in fat and protein.

Switch to a different growth formula for your dog:

You choose a food with a different formula from the present, ensuring enough calories, protein, and nutrients for your dog to gain weight. nature. You can look for foods designed for all stages of their lives to ensure nutrition.

Do not give your dog homemade weight-gain foods:

Because it is very dangerous and has not been tested by veterinarians as well as industry experts on product quality. Many formulas may be unbalanced and inappropriate will cause several problems that are harmful to your pet.

Share with someone who has experience improving dog weight. The first thing you need to closely monitor your pet’s weight. At the same time, if the weight does not increase after applying food measures, you need to immediately see a veterinarian for advice and the most appropriate solution.

Consult with your veterinarian:

make sure your dog’s weight loss is not linked to disease. If your dog is sick or has a parasite infection, you cannot detect it with your naked eye, and you need to go to a specialist for diagnosis.

Lottery for dogs:

should have the intervention of a veterinarian, on the other hand, you can give the dog worms at home periodically. Dogs with intestinal parasites may be underweight and the parasite can eat all the nutrients in the food before the dog is digested and absorbed.

In addition to matching your doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, you need to keep your dog working at an appropriate level. When exercised, the dog’s body becomes healthier and stimulates hunger and appetite in them. This is also an important part of helping dogs gain weight naturally. For very dry foods, you can add hot water, let it cool until the food is soft, then feed it. This way makes the dish more interesting and interesting.

how to put weight on a dog safely


You should not make too many changes in your diet that can cause a dog to have a stomach ache and sometimes cause allergies that should not be present in them. Talk to your veterinarian about diets and dog food.

  • If your dog’s stool becomes soft after eating more human food such as pumpkin, you must immediately stop adding human food nutrients.
  • You should not force them to overeat or overwhelm the foods they dislike. This can sometimes cause backward reflections.
  • If your dog is not accustomed to vigorous exercise, you should exercise more appropriately and start things gently for your dog to easily absorb.

An interesting thing is when your pet dog looks stout and firm

  • They look more adorable and have perfect bodies
  • Other dogs don’t dare bully you because they look full
  • You will feel better when you hug them into your lap
  • It loses less hair because its pores will shrink so the hair will not shed
  • The dog has good health and a perfect body


There are many reasons why your dog cannot grow stout, one of which is diet and choosing the right foods. Food plays an important role in the development of your pet dog. We also introduce many nutritional food products as well as related articles, if you are interested, you can visit for more information. I hope the sharing on how to give your pet a safe and effective weight gain will help you improve the health and weight of your dog in the best way. Your pet uncle has the perfect physique and great health.

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