Coon Hunting Dogs for 2024

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Coon hunting dogs. In any type of coon hunting guide, it is constantly emphasized that coyotes play a vital role in hunting field rats, as raccoons leave a unique aroma that many pet dogs have. All wonderful noses have excellent tracking. Choosing a great pet, and then training it to find a victim can be challenging. Many times, you’ll want the pets to be able to do more than track pandas. They need to be fast enough to run a coon on the ground to compel it to climb a tree or object, after that you gather it.

However, some tigers can run long distances before climbing while you can not spend the night chasing them. So your canine needs to be tough enough to capture and kill the target. Here are the best coon canines that can be fantastic participants in your group. Each of them has its very own special capacities, but all are superb predators.

It was the dawn of today’s coon hounds as they display the functions of old fragrant canines as well as newer tree dogs. These pet dogs have an outstanding sense of odor and also can be trained to track targets through as well as across the water, as well as obviously with trees. They have been bred for follow-up objectives and over the centuries have been shown to constantly surpass their type expectations. We now have 6 significant coon hounds identified as well as each of the six has its special capacities, but they all excel at what they are created for.

Which Coon Hunting Dogs Should I Choose?

1. Black and Tan Coonhound

best coon hunting dogs

Black as well as Tan coonhound is one of America’s canine aristocrats, and also back to the Talbot harassed hundreds of years earlier. Nose to the ground, it quickly routes the victim as well as barks up when his quarry is treed. This kind of coonhound is regularly acknowledged, noteworthy for its distinct dimension and shade. It’s commonly larger than other coon hunting dogs in the same family. With the larger bone structure, it can move along swiftly with balanced strides, ideal for monitoring as well as hunting bigger video games. It’s likewise popular for its cool nose which can pick up and also follow an old trail.

Black, as well as Tan coonhound, is optimal for searching due to his substantial endurance. This stamina makes the coonhound an excellent running and running companion. It’s able to opt for miles and also get rid of a thick thicket of thorny shrubs, also a half-frozen river. Hence, it tends to be extra bold. Guts are a valuable quality for a hunting dog because it means their function comes before anything else. This coonhound is independent as well as wise, and also most likely to sound off with a deep-throated bark to signal you that a person’s approaching

Aside from solid searching specialized skills, this dog also has an independent nature as well as a funny bone, so it often tends to be lively and gentle. Black and Tan are fond of children as well as willing friends. It can quadrate other coon hunting dogs, and also pet cats if appropriately presented. Looking daunting but it’s not likely to attack or hurt any person.

2. Bluetick Coonhound

best coon hunting dogs

Initially bred in the southerly United States as well as thought to be especially from Louisiana, the Bluetick coonhound is a purebred seeker. This pet dog’s layout is that of endurance as well as muscular tissue, making it a suitable searching companion. These terrific canines have high energy as well as fast trackers, which ultimately can offer you a benefit as a seeker. Quicker tracks could suggest much more possibilities to bag your target animal. This breed of coonhound is very searched for as a result of everything from its strength and also proportions, to its unique bark and also markings. The Bluetick coonhound is one of the very best coon hunting dog breeds.

3. Redbone Coonhound

best coon hunting dogs

Scottish and Irish immigrants brought Redbone Coonhound to North America throughout early American times. It’s a sleek mild-tempered pet with a slim body and also a smooth red coat. Weighing in at 50– 70 extra pounds as well as having a height of 20– 27 inches, the body structure provides it the power and speed to do its job on the route. With thick pads at the end of their feet, Redbone canines can avoid injury and also proceed with their task in the hunt. The average life expectancy of a Redbone is 11– 12 years.

This coonhound has a lot to provide when it concerns objectives. The coon canine is a proficient hunter, known for its water capacity and also the capability to quest in packs to take down the larger victims. The Redbone is slim and also muscle with a brave hunting attitude making them borderline brave. These canines seem to be versatile when it pertains to the environment and setting, easily adjusting to track in virtually any type of kind of terrain.

Pleasant and devoted, Redbone Coonhounds make great buddy pets. You will have never before regretted getting a Redbone for your searching trip.

4. Plott Hound (Plott Coonhound).

best coon hunting dogs

This type of coon dog is rather unique when contrasted against its fellow coonhound breeds. This is just one that doesn’t have a family tree deducible back to the typical foxhound and also was reproduced initially for a slightly different function. It was bred to quest boar.

The Plott coonhound is a lot larger as well as more muscle in comparison to its fellow coonhounds for the obvious factor that boar is a bigger as well as much more hazardous prey. These dogs are slower trackers but aren’t developed for speed. They have been reproduced for stamina and the capacity to handle bigger pets with a high rate of success.

The Plott itself has been bred down ever so somewhat with various other hounds, like when a seeker from Georgia took an original Plott hound from the Plott family members and crossed it as soon as to make an outstanding coon hunting pup. That pup’s breed was recognized as the Plott coonhound in 1946.

These pet dogs are remarkable coon seekers and pertained to their build, stamina, guts, strength, and also clear bark they take a trip effectively also in harsher conditions.

5. English Coonhound or American Coonhound.

best coon hunting dogs

Rooted in the coonhound lineage, this coonhound is traced back to a journal in the early-mid 1500s. They were terrific for hunting video games as well as the natives at that time. In 1742, they were imported to Virginia. Afterward, George Washington also imported English coonhounds to search for foxes. The coon hunting dog was considered the foundation of the “Virginia canines” to which all modern-day coonhounds can be traced back also.

The English coonhound men stand 24– 26 inches at the shoulder; ladies, 23– 25 inches. Their weight should remain in percentage to elevation. They own the difficult, medium-length coat. It has several color combinations: blue as well as white ticked, red and white ticked, tricolor with ticking, black and white, or red and also white.

This kind is popular for its speed and endurance. It has huge endurance in severe problems. Furthermore, the English coonhound is preferred among coon hunters for searching during the night as a result of its extraordinary scent-tracking ability. It started as a dual-purpose pet dog that hunted fox by day and raccoon by night. When eagerly seeking his quarry, it will certainly sing out. This is a remarkable hunting dog and also verifies over and over again that it is the best at what it does.

6. Treeing Walker Coonhound.

best coon hunting dogs

The Treeing Walker coonhound, called after one of both gentlemen who are attributed with breeding them, is one of the most preferred coonhound breeds when it concerns competitors’ hunts. This is largely, but not exclusively, due to their identified ability to bypass older scent tracks and focus on the newer/fresher routes. These dogs were bred particularly for raccoon hunting, although they are excellent hunters of various other small game together with cougars as well as bears. Individuals also make use of these coonhounds to search deer in states where hunting antlered pets with canines is lawful.

The Walker coonhound has an athletic construct, and is usually smaller sized than other coon dogs, providing it the capacity to run faster and have more agility. These pets have a deeply ingrained treeing and tracking instinct, being used right away after the first preliminary reproduction for hunting raccoons in the 1800s.

The Treeing Walker coonhound is a caring canine however needs persistence when training due to their high energy. They need an everyday electrical outlet for that energy and must be trained or they have been known to catch a fragrance and also not return. Naturally, that can be stated about any kind of dog but remember, that coonhounds, and particularly this breed of coonhound, is a seeker first and foremost.


Coonhounds are an amazing branch of the canine household, which is already filled with impressive breeds. Breeds are excellent family member’s pets just as they are best searching companions. Whatever from their personality and behavior to their impulses and capacities, make any coonhound a prized pet.

I have a Black and Tan/Walker coonhound/Shepherd mix and also despite having that little guard in there his natural impulse is still to route a scent, tree any type of critter, after that upload up on the trunk and bey. It is impressive. Not as soon as have I ever attempted training him to hunt raccoons as well as yet he still will do what his dominant breeds were created to do.

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