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Best Food For a Pitbull Puppy

Pitbulls are lean as well as strong pet dogs initially bred to lure hazardous bulls into the ring. The most proper pet dog food for Pitbulls is one that is high in healthy proteins, high-quality fatty acids and also affordable in carbohydrates.

A terrific pitbull pet dog food needs to maintain your bully lean and agile while preserving the body fat reduced.

The 10 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls in 2022

1-Finest Overall: Bully Max High-Performance Super Costs Dog Food


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  • With its high-calorie, meat-based dish, Bully Max High Performance is just one of the best dog foods for pitbull owners and our choice for the best alternative in general. Every cup includes 535 calories, offering your pet dog plenty of gas to maintain them active as well as invigorated. It’s devoid of man-made tastes as well as preservatives, and also along with active ingredients like corn, wheat, and also soy, the recipe highlights meat as well as has a 30 percent protein/20 percent fat formula. It additionally consists of 3.8 percent fiber and also 10 percent moisture, according to its guaranteed evaluation.
  • Consumers write that Bully Max High-Performance Super Costs Canine Food is excellent for athletic pet dogs of all types, but it’s especially well matched to Pitbulls. Whether your pet is still expanding or could stand to bulk up a bit (some purchasers use it to support healthy and balanced weight gain), its high-calorie, grain-free recipe is created to help them flourish.

best dog foods pitbulls

2-Ideal Budget Plan: Purina ONE SmartBlend Real Instinct Natural With Real Turkey & Venison Grownup Dry Canine Food


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  • Some of the premium pet foods on the marketplace can take a severe bite out of your purse, yet do not stress: There are lots of lower-cost choices that still prioritize the nutrients your pitbull requires to remain healthy. Purina ONE SmartBlend expenses just over $30 for a 27.5-pound bag, but its 30 percent protein recipe offers the muscle mass assistance you’ll desire when picking pet food for your pet.
  • The first component is turkey– the genuine kind, as the food is devoid of fowl by-products– as well as its solution eliminates synthetic tastes as well as preservatives. Meanwhile, glucosamine located normally in turkey meat offers joint assistance for your pitbull’s energetic way of living.
  • Beyond its 30 percent healthy protein formulation, Purina ONE SmartBlend contains 17 percent fat, 3 percent fiber, as well as 12 percent wetness. Clients create that it has helped their Pitbulls grow thanks to the amount of protein existing, and has also addressed troubles like gas and also upset stomach. While this food does consist of grain, it still prioritizes meat as its cornerstone.

best dog foods pitbulls

3-Best for Puppies: Taste of bush High Savanna Puppy Formula Grain-Free Dry Pet Food


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  • Adult Pitbulls tend to flourish on a high-calorie diet, and the same goes for pitbull young puppies, that require the very same nutrients to maintain them healthy as they grow.
  • Taste of bush’s High Meadow Young puppy Solution is a grain-free food that features genuine buffalo as its first ingredient, as well as additionally includes fantastic resources of healthy protein like bison, venison, and beef.
  • Meanwhile, fruits, vegetables, and dried chicory root help with digestion as well as support intestine wellness, while omega-3 and also omega-6 fatty acids keep your puppy’s coat glossy as well as skin itch-free. It consists of 28 percent protein, 17 percent fat, 5 percent fiber, as well as 10 percent moisture.
  • Consumers enjoy Taste of bush’s High Savanna Young puppy Formula because it teems with healthy active ingredients and can help with healthy and balanced weight gain for pitbull pups as they grow. The tiny dimension makes it easy for puppies to take in– which they have a tendency to do so happily with its mouthwatering preference.

best dog foods pitbulls

4-Best for Adults: Orijen Original Dry Dog Food


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  • With between 85 percent as well as 90 percent meat ingredients, Origen Original Dry Canine Food is created to support your pitbull’s high-energy requirements and then some.
  • This grain-free food includes both fowl as well as fish (but no spin-offs), with plenty of quality proteins, fats, and minerals it’s also ranked for human usage as a result of the general quality of its ingredients.
  • It consists of 38 percent healthy protein, 18 percent fat, 4 percent fiber, and 12 percent moisture, and also its mix of healthy and balanced carbs is ideal for preserving a pitbull’s muscular integrate in their prime adult years.
  • Customers rave concerning Orijen Original Dry Canine Food’s wholesome ingredients and grain-free solution, claiming it is among the best-quality foods they’ve attempted. While the high amount of meat in each bag (more than the majority of pet foods) commands a greater cost, some purchasers keep in mind that it actually is the next best thing to offering your canine a completely raw diet plan.

best dog foods pitbulls

5-Best for Elders: AvoDerm Natural Health And Wellness Solutions for Elder Health, Joints, Weight Control


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  • For a senior pitbull, you’ll want a food that sets a high healthy protein dish with the advantages of glucosamine as well as chondroitin for added joint support. AvoDerm Natural Wellness Solutions consists of both, plus docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA– an omega-3 fatty acid that’s good for the eyes and brain.
  • The food is grain-free, making it easy for senior citizens to digest, and includes avocados in the dish for extra anti-oxidants and also vitamins. Nevertheless, the food still prioritizes meat, with lamb and poultry among the initial components.
  • With 28 percent protein, 10 percent fat, 6 percent fiber, and also 10 percent dampness, it’s a wonderful food for senior pits that helps them maintain their weight and also maintains their joints healthy and balanced as they age.
  • Consumers call AvoDerm Natural Health and Wellness Solutions “the very best pet food on earth,” creating that the incorporation of glucosamine and chondroitin maintains their dogs energetic as well as spirited in their older years. Meanwhile, the avocado oil in the dish aids to preserve a soft coat, and the absence of grain keeps skin comfy as well as itch-free.

best dog foods pitbulls

6-Best for Skin Allergies: Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Dry Pet Food


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  • While there are plenty of grain-free foods providing relief for pet dogs with skin sensitivities, we’re particularly big followers of Natural Ultramix. In addition to being grain-free (its initial active ingredient is a duck), this food teems with omega-6 and also omega-3 fats to sustain healthy skin and also a soft coat.
  • Pleasant potatoes give antioxidants, as well as additional probiotics support healthy digestion. It’s likewise as high-protein as you would certainly want food for Pitbulls to be, with its guaranteed analysis including 38 percent protein, 17 percent fat, 3.5 percent fiber, as well as 11 percent moisture.
  • In addition to duck, it additionally consists of hen, lamb, and salmon, so it’s full of the nutrients your pit requires to flourish (while keeping their skin comfortable).
  • All-natural Ultramix Grain-Free Dry Canine Food is best for aiding clear up itchy skin, customers compose, many thanks to both to its lack of grain components as well as a practical dose of fatty acids. Considering that Pitbulls can be susceptible to skin concerns that are less common in various other breeds, foods like this one can be a powerful tool to stop extreme scraping and also other harmful routines– while providing your dog a high-protein diet plan they’ll love.

7-Best Damp Food: Blue Flexibility Natural Grain Free Damp Canine Food




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  • While most pitbull proprietors will not feed their pet dog an exclusively wet food diet, it can be an effective method to get some additional moisture right into your dog’s diet regimen– a plus if they do not consume alcohol enough water or often tend to obtain dried quickly.
  • This damp food from Blue Liberty is grain-free and also includes hen as its first component. Plus, it’s full of vegetables and fruits for added nutrients and anti-oxidants. Potatoes and oatmeal in the recipe additionally add some conveniently absorbable carbs.
  • Containing 8 percent healthy protein, 6 percent fat, 1.5 percent fiber, and also 78 percent dampness, we would certainly suggest using it as a food mattress topper or treat alongside a standard dry food.
  • According to clients, Blue Freedom Grain-Free Damp Pet Food is excellent for highly energetic canines as well as the preference is fantastic. Plus, the high-grade protein, as well as the grain-free dish, is a hit despite having fussy pets that think twice during mealtimes. It will certainly drop very easy as well as supply them with much-needed nutrients.

best dog foods pitbulls

8-CRAVE Grain Free High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food


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  • Satisfies a dog’s natural desire for animal protein with real chicken as the first ingredient
  • Supports a strong, lean body with 34% high protein
  • Dry grain free dog food recipe formulated with no corn, wheat, or soy and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and zero grain
  • Provides energy dogs need with grain free carbohydrate sources, like peas
  • Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small to large adult dogs

best dog foods pitbulls

9-Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Grain Free Dry Dog Food Large Breed Recipe


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  • Real deboned chicken is the first ingredient to help maintain healthy muscles and energy levels
  • Rich in Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • High in glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy hips and joints
  • Cater to the needs of your large breed dog with Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Grain Free Dry Dog Food Large Breed Recipe. This unique combination of large pieces of freeze-dried raw-coated kibble plus real freeze-dried raw bites offers large breed adult dogs the benefits of the raw diet they would discover in the wild.
  • Real deboned chicken is the first ingredient for protein-rich nutrition. Duck and lamb are blended in, crafting a highly digestible formula with the taste dogs go wild for. No grains go into this raw infused dog food. Instead, dogs get the protein they crave, plus the nutrients they need.
  • High levels of Omega fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and coat, while glucosamine and chondroitin help support healthy hips and joints. Return your dog to the diet that nature intended with freeze-dried raw protein in this natural dry food for dogs.
  • This large breed grain free dog food is crafted in our Hereford, TX kitchen and cooked in the USA

best dog foods pitbulls

10-Annamaet Original Ultra Formula Dry Dog Food


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  • SUSTAINABILITY: Annamaet is dedicated to a more sustainable future and the wellbeing of our environment. Our commitment to sustainability includes not only our new packaging, but what’s inside the bag as well. Annamaet now uses sustainable packaging, made with Bio-Flex materials that are specifically engineered to biodegrade in landfills.
  • ANNAMAET ORIGINAL FORMULAS: Part of Annamaet’s Original Line of formulas, which use proteinated (chelated) minerals to help support the immune system and optimal mineral absorption. Also contains L-Carnitine which is associated with better fat utilization and helps to maintain lean body mass.
  • Annamaet Ultra is designed for very active dogs, performance dogs and puppies. It is formulated with antibiotic free, low ash chicken, herring meal and brown rice. This is an “ultra” energy dense product, having the highest protein and fat levels of any of our formulas.

best dog foods pitbulls

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