18 Weird Dog Breeds

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Weird dog breeds. Explore the unusual and also eccentric side of the pet dog world with this funny collection of exotic-looking dog breeds. The very best part about it? All these pet dogs are still cute!

Unusual and exotic pet breeds you’ve probably never heard of From a creepy online cotton sphere to one with a wild mohawk, we’ve put together a listing of the craziest pet types that ever existed:

Here are 18 unusual as well as exotic canine types you may not have actually heard of

18 Weird Dog Breeds

1. Alaskan Klee Kai

what is the weirdest dog

Alaskan Klee Kais might look quite normal from the very first glance, but there’s something strange concerning this little breed of pet. Their dimension. Alaskan Klee Kais look nearly precisely like Huskies, however, they just reach a maximum elevation of 17 inches. They were actually bred from Huskies, American Eskimos, and Schipperke pet dogs in the 1970s to develop the Husky look with petite size.

2. Puli

what is the weirdest dog

The Puli is recognized for its limited dreadlocks that make it look like a mop, yet the dreads also stop it from losing and also make it water-resistant. While nobody understands specifically where pulis come from, there are signs that old Romans had comparable pets as well and there is some evidence that shows the type is more than 6,000 years old. What is known is that they could have been discovered in Asia over 2,000 years ago and were presented right into Hungary 1,000 years earlier.

The Hungarians rapidly took to the pets, that made wonderful sheepherders, together with a comparable, but a bigger type called the Komondor Both pets would enjoy the lamb day and night, with the Puli working as the search and the Komondor operating as the muscle mass needed to quit wolves and also other killers. The Pulis was so highly related to throughout this duration that it was not uncommon for a shepherd to pay a full year’s wage just for one of the canines.

While the type’s dreadlocks expand naturally, owners are still required to actively groom the pet dog, keeping the cords tidy, neat, and slim. The cables can expand enough time to reach the ground or they can be trimmed short. The pet dogs are really energetic and intelligent, calling for a great deal of focus as well as workouts.

3. Komondor.

what is the weirdest dog

Averaging over 30 inches high, the Hungarian Komondor is one large pup. What really makes this goofy guy impressive is his fur: at as much as 27 centimeters in size, the Komondor has the thickest fur in the canine globe. That’s one shaggy canine!

4. Molossus

what is the weirdest dog

These vanished Roman war dogs are considered the grand doggies these days’ Mastiff. No person is 100% certain what they appeared like, however, I’m picturing gigantic dogs with 300-esque style abdominals.

5. Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog

what is the weirdest dog

Do you of anything? This stump-tailed dog is an additional type of doppelganger, however, this livestock pester isn’t as much of a thief as you may think. The Australian Stumpy-Tail Cattle Dog breed has in fact been recognized as a type for almost 50 years much longer than the Australian Cattle Dog.
And that’s not a docked tail you see! When this type has a tail, it is no more than 4 inches long.

6. Xoloitzcuintli

what is the weirdest dog

The Xoloitzcuintli (noticeable Sho-lo-meets-quint-lee, although it’s occasionally called “Mexican hairless or simply shortened to” Xolo”) is a hairless Mexican canine that is so primitive that it was really venerated by the Aztecs. According to mythology, the god Xolotl made the canines from a bit of the Bone of Life, which was likewise made use of to develop all of mankind. Xolotl offered the dog to the guy, asking him to secure it with his life. In exchange, the dog would guide the male via the world of fatality.

Because the breed is not well-known in the US, the Xolo has been mistaken for the mythical Chupacabra in United States border states such as Arizona as well as Texas.

The Xolos are smooth as well as devoted pets once they mature, but up till they become mentally mature at age 2, they are still highly noisy, chewy as well and high-energy.

The breed was not inbred like lots of various other full-blooded pets, so they are unbelievably healthy, however, they do require cream, sunscreen as well as baths to avoid sunburn, acne as well as blackheads.

7. Bedlington Terrier

what is the weirdest dog

Is that a pet dog, or a sheep? Hailing from Bedlington, England, this lamb-like dog’s intriguing layer is stated to make him best for allergy-prone pet owners.

8. Bergamasco

what is the weirdest dog

That layer though … you’d never get a rug once again. Simply have your dog lie down in calculated areas around your house for some fashionable flooring design.

9. Brussels Griffon

what is the weirdest dog

These hairy buddies resemble they belong in a Star Wars motion picture. However, there’s even more that is odd about Brussels Griffons than simply their look. Brussels Griffons are very difficult dogs to reproduce. Despite their small dimension, they typically require Caesarean areas.

10. Peruvian Inca Orchid

what is the weirdest dog

While they may be called orchids, these pups are 100% pets. In several ways, they resemble the Xolos, an old hairless type. Like their Northern neighbor breed, these pups were worshiped by another old human being, this moment, the Incas, but the type is actually a whole lot older than the Incan society. Photos of the breed appeared in Peruvian artwork from as far back as 750 A.D.

Peruvian mythology, much of which is based on Incan tales, claims that embracing pets can help with medicinal troubles, particularly tummy issues.

Sadly, the animals virtually lacked existence after the Spanish occupation of Peru. Small villages in the backwoods are all that maintained the breed alive as well and more lately, Peruvian dog breeders worked to protect the remaining Inca Orchids, making sure of significant family variety.

These puppies make wonderful dogs, but they can be a little reckless and also need appropriate training from a young age. They likewise need cream as well as lots of bathrooms to avoid sunburn, acne as well as dry skin, as well as they do extremely poorly in a warm climate.

11. Bull Terrier

what is the weirdest dog

The egg-shaped head of this type makes them an extremely unusual-looking puppy, however many hockey followers will identify this canine as Canadian hockey commentator Don Cherry’s cherished friend, “Blue”. Cherry’s Bull Terrier made constant appearances on Hockey Night in Canada and also was seen as part and parcel of her master’s eccentric character.

12. Borzoi

what is the weirdest dog

These pet dogs are lovely, however, likewise resemble a musician who tried to paint a canine and also reached the nose and legs and also made a decision … “ahh.”.

13. Norwegian Lundehund.

what is the weirdest dog

The Lundehund has some amazing functions that make it literally unlike any other breed. One of its even more unique attributes is the truth that it has 6 toes on each foot. It also has one-of-a-kind shoulder and neck joints that allow it to extend its legs out straight in both directions and to reach its forehead all the way to its back. It likewise can close its ear canal at will to avoid dust and water from getting in. Every one of these makes the Lundehund an incredible avian hunter in its native country, as it is a nimble swimmer and a great climber on near-vertical cliffs and high holes.

The pets were initially educated to hunt puffins, all the way back in the 1600s, yet after the technique died out, the breed virtually went extinct. By the 1900s, the only little populace made it through in the tiny village of Monstad.

In 1963, there were only 6 of the pet dogs to life and thanks to the care and initiative of a couple of devoted dog breeders, there are now at least 1500 of the dogs to life. While the pets have been very carefully reproduced to secure their family, there is still a major problem with hereditary bottlenecking in the type. For this reason, all of the existing pet dogs undergo a condition known as Lundehund gastroenteropathy that can prevent the dogs from being able to acquire nutrients as well as healthy protein from their food.

14. Affenpinscher.

what is the weirdest dog

Hailing from Germany, this pet was bred to quest as well as kill rats. Yummy!

15. Chinese Crested.

what is the weirdest dog

These inadequate puppies have a poor associate regarding cuteness. Directly, I assume they’re so unsightly they’re cute, however, you can not argue with the reality that 6 of the last 10 World’s Ugliest Dog Contests were Chinese Crested. As it ends up, the pets aren’t constantly born without fur, there are actually 2 varieties of dogs, one has hair and one doesn’t. Both can even be birthed in the very same clutter.

The version with hair is referred to as the “powderpuff” variety. Oddly, the hairless variety can have a complete coat of hair if the genetics that trigger hairlessness aren’t expressed as highly. When this happens, it can in fact be hard to inform the two selections apart, yet the hairless range only has a single coat as well and the powderpuff has 2. Another odd distinction between both is that hairless dogs often do not have a complete set of premolar teeth.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Chinese Cresteds aren’t also from China. While no person is certain of where the pet originates from, lots of suspect it originated in Africa, yet there is additionally some proof showing that it.

16. Neapolitan Mastiff.

what is the weirdest dog

Followers of the Harry Potter motion pictures could recognize the substantial mongrels as Hagrid’s animal, Fang. While they aren’t as large as the one in the motion picture was made to appear, the canines are unbelievably big, dominating 2 as well as a half feet high at the shoulder and weighing up to 150 extra pounds. Historically, the breed is stated to have battled next to the Roman Legions, wearing bladed surged leather harnesses so they might run under the stomaches of enemy steeds and also disembowel them.

Unfortunately, despite their lengthy breed history, they practically vanished after WWII, however soon after, an Italian painter established a kennel to secure the breed by mixing the continuing-to-be Neapolitan Mastiffs with a couple of English Mastiffs to assist diversify the family.

The dogs are great animals, yet are extremely safe in their households and need socializing from a young age in order to guarantee they are not aggressive against unfamiliar people. They will hardly ever bark unless prompted and as a result, they are renowned for their stealth when assaulting intruders.

17. Chinese Crested.

what is the weirdest dog

These inadequate pups have a bad association with cuteness. Directly, I believe they’re so ugly they’re adorable, however, you can’t argue with the truth that 6 of the last 10 World’s Ugliest Dog Contests were Chinese Crested. As it ends up, the dogs aren’t always born without hair, there are actually two selections of the pets, one has hair and also one doesn’t. Both can also be birthed in the very same litter.

The variation in hair is known as the “powderpuff” selection. Oddly, the hairless range can have a complete coat of hair if the genetics that trigger hairlessness aren’t shared as strongly. When this takes place, it can actually be tough to tell the two selections apart, however, the hairless selection only has a single coat and the powderpuff has 2. One more unusual difference between both is that hairless pets frequently do not have a full set of premolar teeth.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Chinese Cresteds aren’t also from China. While no one is certain of where the pet dog comes from, numerous presume it originated in Africa, but there is likewise some proof revealing that it shares several of its breed backgrounds with the Xolo.

18. Peruvian Inca Orchid.

what is the weirdest dog

Often called the Peruvian Hairless or simply Orchid, this hairless canine breed is believed to have actually come from Asia. Their name originates from the Spanish that overcame Peru. The travelers called the unique canines “Perros Flora”, or “blossom pet dogs”, as they found them amongst the orchids in Peruvian residences.

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