How to potty train a dog

Dogs are source of delight for many people. They are loyal pets and companions, thus garnering them the title as “man’s best friends”. On the other hand, it may not be all sunshine and flowers with these four-legged friends especially when they start eliminating in inappropriate places in the house or begin a ruthless attack on your favorite couch. Fortunately for owners, there are effective measures that can be done to curb this problem. Here are some tips on how to potty train a dog.

  1. If your dog is an alpha male, there is a big possibility that he is keen on establishing his territory. Part of a dog’s establishment of territory is eliminating on the spot he wants to be his. This is his way of warning other dogs that the territory has been taken. This is a problem because once he marks a spot, he would always eliminate on that very same area, and it can be hard to curb this when it becomes a habit. Potty training is the solution to this house training problem. Train your dog to eliminate on a specific spot.
  2. When marking a potty spot, dogs leave a scent that signals territory. You need to clean this smell on the inappropriate spot where it eliminated. You can do this by wiping the spot with vinegar
  3. Teach your dog to eliminate on command. This can be very tricky at first, but your efforts will surely pay off when you see great results. If you have been with your dog for quite some time, it would be easy for you to detect when it is about to eliminate. Walk your dog to the potty spot when it is already showing signs of eliminating. Give treats to your dog every time it eliminates on command. In this way, the dog would be able to associate favorable reward to the behavior. This typical conditioning method has been working for many dog owners.
  4. Do not forget to reward your dog not only through treats, but also through words and affection. This will lessen your dog’s insecurity for it to respond positively to potty training.
  5. The best practices in how to potty train your dog would always be those that follow the reward system. Punishments will only make matters worse, and raise the frequency of unwanted behavior. Punishments also have emotional and psychological effects on your dog.

Applying these tips on how to potty train a dog will not only be advantageous to you, but also very beneficial to your dog as it strengthens your ties. For more positive results, you can also reinforce potty training through behavior training programs.

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How to potty train a dog
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