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1) First, it is necessary to eliminate gross soiling. Ideally, this is done manually, where you should cover a rubber:

glove, etc., so as not to come into contact with the vomit as possible. Using a spatula or a coarse brush can also be helpful in these circumstances to really remove all larger particles.

When using a coarse brush, however, a certain caution is necessary so that the surface of the dog bed under no circumstances will be affected by firmer rubbing.

2) When the coarse impurities have been removed, it is helpful to fill a bucket with water, to which some all-purpose cleaner is added. If you like, you can use a special agent from the pet shop, with which animal contamination can also be eliminated in a targeted manner. The water should be as lukewarm or cold as possible. Warm water would further open the pores of the bedding, allowing the dirt to penetrate deeper into the fibers. Now comes first a coarse sponge used, which is dipped in the detergent solution. The sponge should not be too wet to avoid “flooding” in the dog bed. All dirt is now removed with the coarse sponge. Finer dirt is then used for post-processing.

Again, you should use the water as sparingly as possible.

3) In the third step, it is now necessary to dry the surface of the bed, for which a normal terry towel is ideally suited. After everything is dry, the use of a parasite spray can be recommended, as needed.

Useful accessories:

Buying a dog bed is always a good opportunity to buy the right accessories:

 All in all, the additional purchase of a soft blanket is an obvious choice. If necessary, we recommend the purchase of an extra-large, warm blanket to lovingly cover the dog while sleeping.

A little blanket is always a great idea to make the fur nose a pleasure.

Many dog ​​bed suppliers also advise their customers to consider buying extra pillows. These are useful for making lying or relaxing even more pleasant and comfortable.

Many dog ​​bed suppliers also advise their customers to consider buying extra pillows. These are useful for making lying or relaxing even more pleasant and comfortable.Of course toys should not be missing to make the dog the short-term retreat into his little “empire” as comfortable as possible. Soft toys, balls or chewing materials are ideal for this purpose.

Alternatives to the dog bed:

There are different possibilities that are suitable as alternatives to the dog bed. In this regard, the following solutions may be considered, among others:

Dog blanket:

A dog blanket is part of a modern “dog house” necessarily. It should be distinguished by its particular durability, softness and good comfort. There are dog blankets in different sizes and textures, where the quality-conscious consumer can choose between natural materials, wool or nylon-designed blankets. Last but not least, the purchase of sheepskin is also an obvious choice in this context. This is extremely easy-care, it keeps very warm and can also be used as a blanket. Last but not least, there is the option of making a dog blanket yourself.


A dog pillow is smaller, but also thicker and more comfortable than a dog blanket. It offers the possibility that the dog can rest on it whatsoever. In addition, many dog ​​pillows are used when it comes to making the basket or the favorite cookie of the animal soft and inviting. Small disadvantage is the lack of flexibility. So can one

Cushion for dogs, for example, can only be used conditionally to cover the dog if he so wishes.


Dog caves are especially popular with demanding dogs. They give the four-legged friends the opportunity to hide and, for example, when the stress or when he is tired after playing, foreclose from the outside world. Then again, there are the dogs, who do not like to retreat into the darkness. In this respect, it is always important when buying a dog’s cave to check in advance whether the animal feels comfortable in it or not.


A dog basket is a classic sleeping and retreating option that can be given to a beloved pet. Unlike the soft, comfortable dog bed, the edge of the basket is usually very hard. So it may be uncomfortable when dreaming, dozing or relaxing if the dog stretches too much and thereby pushes with the body to the hard edge. Of course, a blanket or a pillow should not be missing in a basket. The softer the sleeping pad chosen, the more comfortable the beloved pet will be able to sleep, dream and relax.
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